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I am married with two children: François (23 years old) and Caroline (17 years old). Born in 1965, Virginie Masdoua grew up in a mid-bourgeois and half-labor family in Carrières sur Seine. Her mother teacher and her father at Air France gave her the taste of books and travel with the discovery of other cultures. After a Bachelor of Science and Life of the Earth in 1982, graduated at age 17, she considered a degree in Agricultural Engineering before choosing to become a dietitian. The particular power supplies are his favorite observations. She likes the diversity of food and decides to take courses in master of food sociology at the University Jean Jaurès in Toulouse in September 2003. In constant transformation with the appetite to learn, she continues her doctorate of anthropology with Annie Hubert as thesis director, on the understanding of the food act of men. Our food is organic but also emotional and social. After her thesis defense, she will continue to develop research programs to promote a sustainable diet for students. She will develop teaching programs at the hotel school in Avignon where she will open a course on sustainable development in bachelor of the culinary arts and tableware trades.

Researcher associated with the team of Anthropology of the body: populations, health and environment working on the theme “lifestyles and environment”. Its object of study is the man and his food, inscribed in its environment, in the plasticity of his interactions. She studies dietary practices in their health, social, cultural and spatio-temporal components. For example, she addressed topics such as healthy eating education – the challenges of food innovations; sustainable food – daily appropriation of this notion; or even sustainable foods – between reason and reasons.

She is a specialist in eating behavior in children, adolescents, young adults and the elderly. She has worked as well with people who are sick: Crohn’s disease, obesity, bulimia, and so-called “healthy” people

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